What's the Tea?

The Artist Formerly Known As…[REDACTED]

Asher O’Briant is a social worker turned comedy writer. Early in his career, Asher dedicated his time to working in shelters for unstably housed LGBTQ+ identifying youth. After pursuing a screenwriting degree, Asher began writing plays, sketches, and stand-up that bring light to unspoken queer experiences. There are too many stories that aren’t being told, he’s here to change that! As an openly transgender comedian, he writes to not only create joy but also to spread awareness. To top it off, along with teaching private and group comedy writing classes at the Arcade Comedy Theater, Asher teaches gratis classes for queer-identifying yinzers at the young adult QMNTY Center. Asher considers himself an activist over an artist. Asher dedicates his time to coaching and uplifting queer comedians, because what’s funnier than going through puberty…twice?